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Last updated: 3 June 2015

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Nala Rock

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Welcome to Dodoma's first portal website where you will be able to find all information about the beautiful Capital City and its surrounding areas. Most of Dodoma City is relatively new and was built after it was designated the new Capital of Tanzania in 1973. The Capital Development Plan looked for many years a white elephant but in the last years the town has boomed mainly through the arrival of 2 universities (Dodoma University UDOM and Saint Johns University). This has brought well deserved work to the people of Dodoma.
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RESTAURANTS & CAFETARIA : Leone l'Africano Pizzeria * Aroma Garden Cafe *

LIST OF HOTELS; * New Dodoma Hotel * Dear Mama Hotel *
SPORTS: Swimming pools in Dodoma; THE ADDRESS hairsaloon & gym
HARDWARE: Survive Enterprises Paint Shop * Lawate Hardware
SHOPPING: Yashna's Supermarket * Two Sisters Shop; Bread; Wines & Spirits
WORDS OF ADVICE 2 TOURISTS: Behaviour; Money; Safety; Health & Time
ICT: Dynabyte Computers and HARD COPIES: Victory Bookshop
LEISURE: Live Music & Disco; Cafes; Bars; Dodoma Cine Club (monthly movies)
SAFARI: Daily flights from Dar to Dodoma with Flightlink
RELIGION: Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh (update soon with list of places of worship)
Garages: K. Motors Ltd authorized dealer for D.T. Dobie
TRIPS: Nala hills, Mvumi, Kigwe, Bahi swamps, Kolo Rock Paintings
House and apartments for rent

Attractive house for rent in Area C, near airport and Rose Garden.

Camp Holland offers 2 bedroom and single apartments for long or short term lease.

EMERGENCIES: Police; Hospital; Consular Services
Lugala rock
HEALTH: Hospitals; Dispensaries; Pharmacies (update soon)
BANKS: Barclays, CRDB, NBC, NMB, TZ Postal Bank Diamond Trust
INTERNET; TTCL and most mobile phone service providers

MOBILE PHONES: TIGO, Vodacom, Zain and Zantel

DUWASA (Water); Postal Services (postage rates); TANESCO Electricity;
TTCL (Telephone connection and Internet)


The Parliament of Tanzania, in Swahili called Bunge, can be visited here and the IT project to connect African Parliaments and Citizens through innovative ICT here.

Maisha Mapya Education Centre runs a one year Hotel Management course. Main office in Dodoma, while a branch was opened in 2014 in Mvumi Mission.

There are 3 Universities in Dodoma, 2 full fledged and 1 in the process of becoming one:
UDOM- Dodoma University; Saint John's University; Institute of Rural Development Planning

ENGLISH MEDIUM: Canon Andrea Mwaka, Blog about Education, Martin Luther
Energy: MIGESADO Biogas Project & Sunseed Tanzania
 Solar and cooking: Watu wa Nuru
ENVIRONMENT: DONET - Dodoma Environmental Network Sand Dams Project - MCC DOBEC- Beekeeping Dodoma
HEALTH: Mvumi Hospital, TDHD and Agha Khan
SPECIAL EDUCATION: Buigiri School for the Blind; EOTAS
Here some blogs about Life in Dodoma: About education, Missionary Teachers

An overview of bloggers on Tanzania are here: Global Voices on Wikia

If you like cooking then this might be the website for you: The taste of Tanzania


Dodoma Region host many expatriate volunteers, the majority working at orphanages, community secondary schools and street children centres. The volunteers are a valuable asset to Dodoma's economy; they use local services, eat at local restaurants, buy second hand items, get accommdated in local guest houses, buy prepaid telephones, use internet cafes, etc. etc. Listen here to some TEDx thoughts on volunteer travel or read this checklist

Please sign our Guestbook! Ahsante sana (thank you in Swahili).

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Please note: Weather forecast 4 Dodoma unfortunately not reporting directly, but hopefully will be fixed soon.