There are a number of swimming pools in Dodoma, the best ones are here:

New Dodoma Hotel

Nice medium sized 10 metre pool near town and opposite railway station.

Visit their website:

New Dodoma Hotel


clean rooms

St Gaspar Hotel and Conference Centre

Nice sized 20 metre pool on the Dar es Salaam road, well mantained and good facilities.

Visit their website:

Dynabyte Computers

African Dreams Hotel

Nice pool with sauna (under construction)


Royal Village Hotel

Recreational pool near the Rock hill.

Visit their web page:

Royal Village Hotel


And others ....

There is also a small pool near the prison and Mirembe hospital called Climax pool. Varying standard.

There is also a good sized pool at the Local Government Training Institute in Hombolo village, a good hour drive from Dodoma.

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last updated: 19 October 2013