Good quality apartments for rent

Dodoma, Tanzania

Fully furnished 2 bedroom apartments are available on a secure compound and offer the ideal accommodation for anyone who needs a long, medium or short stay.

New are 2 single bedroom apartments. Ideal for a short stay. Located less than 2kms from Dodoma town centre, surrounded by greenery on all sides, one needs not worry about the sometimes scorching heat of Tanzania.

Beautiful surroundings

The gardens offer a variety of flowers and plants. Sitting in the yard sipping a cup of coffee and listening to the birds singing overhead in the overhanging branches. This all on a relaxed weekend morning or evening, one can't help to fall in love with the place.

Fully furnished with all amenities



Dodoma centre offers a bunch of nice places to have dinner or something to drink for everyone's wishes. Visit the local markets and shops, take a ride with the daladala or go for a nice swim at the several swimming pools.


The apartments are under management of EOTAS Foundation, which is an NGO that supports education of deaf children in the region. All rental income from these apartments goes straight to the Dodoma Deaf School.


Any questions or searching for more info, please contact:

Mr Robin Donkersgoed

tel: (+255) - 0752 887534

last updated: 19 April 2016